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50 Vets in 50 States

Providing educational materials and awareness activities to the Veteran and active-duty military population throughout the VHA Medical Communities to impact the detection and treatment of prostate cancer. 

Supporting Our Veteran Brothers

VPCa is proud to provide an important campaign providing direct impact for Veterans through advocacy efforts to encourage early screening and detection of prostate cancer.

If diagnosed early the probability of curing the disease is more than 98%. Unfortunately, if it’s caught in its later stages the probability of cure reduces to approximately 30%. 

Join us to learn how you can support your “Brothers in Arms” and educate Veterans about their higher risk of developing prostate cancer.   

50 Vets in 50 States monthly virtual meetings are hosted the last Tuesday of each month, at 7pm EST. The format of our monthly calls will be a guided/moderated networking event to review the future activities of VPCa, discuss a monthly educational prostate cancer topic, and allow sponsors a speaking opportunity relative to the monthly topic.  

Current funding for 50 Vets in 50 States is provided by sponsors contributions and donations. If you are interested in supporting our mission with a corporate sponsorship? Please contact us at info@VeteransProstateCancer.org

Our Veteran Community Runs Deep

As a direct voice for Veterans by Veterans, 50 Vets in 50 States is a collaboration of representatives from all states nationwide. The goals are to:

  • Advocate for current and pending legislative polices directly impacting Veterans and the standardization of prostate cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatments, as well as enhanced research support.
  • Educate providers and patients on new technology for screening, diagnosis, and treatment options.
  • Help Veterans navigate the VHA system to receive optimal care and support.
  • Raise awareness of prostate cancer on the local and national level.

Get Involved

If you are Veteran who has been directly impacted by prostate cancer, currently a patient, or would like to support our efforts to educate and raise awareness, we invite you to make a difference for all Veteran’s by being an advocate in your local area. Are you currently receiving care within a VHA Medical Center?   

VPCa is seeking Veterans who would like to support your “Brothers-in-Arms” and become a direct voice for change within their local VHA Administration. Currently, important changes and enhancements are needed to address disparities in treatment of Veterans with prostate cancer, and further educate men on the importance of early detection. Join us, as we raise awareness through our voices, relationships, and advocacy.   

Ready to learn more, and make an impact? We invite you to our next monthly 50 Vets in 50 States virtual meeting.


Ongoing Advocacy

50 Vets in 50 States gathers monthly with our nationwide Veteran advocacy members, select medical industry specialists, VHA Physicians and clinical staff, VHA Administration representatives, and congressional representatives to review topics affecting Veterans with prostate cancer. VPCa is the only advocacy organization solely focused on delivering educational materials and conducting awareness activities to the Veteran and Active-Duty military populations related to prostate cancer, the number one diagnosed cancer in the VHA today.   

Our goal is to support the critical mission of educating all 19 million US Veterans about the increased incidence rate of prostate cancer among their population. The topics of education include general prostate health, prostate cancer screening, treatment options, clinical trials, research, and care giver support. We will also discuss the process for accessing the VHA Community Care Network program.  

Distribution of vital information via the VHA Medical Centers Primary Care, Urology, Oncology / Radiation Oncology departments, along with VA newsletter and digital content are key resources created by VPCa in collaboration with our partners to further educate patients and providers.

Monthly Discussion Topics

Have You Missed a Recent Meeting?

July 2022 Meeting

This month’s meeting features discussions on Laser Treatments: Focal Laser Ablation, Transurethral Ablation (TULSA), Cryo & HIFU. Amanda Beserra, Senior Clinical Scientist at Profound Medical will present at this meeting. Since 2019 she has been working with US physicians across the country, providing clinical and technical expertise during TULSA procedures. She has a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering, where she researched the Profound Sonalleve system and designed preclinical therapeutic MRI-guided ultrasound devices. In addition to providing case support, Amanda also works on continuous product development and the generation of clinical evidence from clinical trials and real-world experience.

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