With Cancer, There is No Waiting Game

The best prostate cancer outcomes begin with better answers. Get yours with Myriad Genetic testing.
If you’re newly diagnosed with prostate cancer or have already been treated for it, there are simple genetic tests that offer peace of mind and greater hope. Myriad genetic testing shows if you inherited a mutation that may have caused your cancer and whether your family members have an elevated risk. And if you’ve previously been treated for prostate cancer, genetic testing can identify your risk of
developing secondary cancer in the future.

Be proactive with BRACAnalysis CDx®
Certain tests like BRACAnalysis CDx can determine if you qualify for new FDA approved targeted
therapies; therapies that can maintain your quality of life. By identifying if you have a germline BRCA1 or
BRCA2 mutation, the test quickly and accurately establishes whether you’re an appropriate candidate for PARP inhibitor therapy.

BRAC Analysis CDx is a test, but not only a test. This one has results that can shape the rest of your life.
Knowing your hereditary cancer status is critical when it comes to making treatment decision and
understanding your true risk.

The power of genetic testing
“It had affected my family as much as it affected just me”

Ed Hoppe was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had an extensive family history of cancer that included prostate, breast, and ovarian cancer. Ed’s genetic test results came back positive for a mutation on BRCA1, meaning his prostate cancer was caused by faulty DNA that he inherited from one of his

After Ed learned about his genetic mutation, Ed’s family was able take proactive steps like genetic testing and increased screening starting at earlier ages to prevent and reduce their risk of developing certain cancers.

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Don’t wait. It’s YOUR prostate.
There’s no benefit in waiting to find out if you have hereditary cancer, but there are big benefits to discovering it early. Don’t wait. Request your test kit today at no cost.

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