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Providing educational materials and awareness activities to the Veteran and active-duty military population throughout the VHA Medical Communities to impact the detection and treatment of prostate cancer. 

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VPCa is the only patient advocacy organization focused on educating the Veteran and Active-Duty military populations on all aspects of Prostate Cancer.

There is an identified need to raise awareness among the Veteran populations due to the higher risk of developing the disease due to exposure to hazardous work environments.

Your presence of your firms’ brand and dedication to helping our nations heroes is noticed and respected.

Our Veterans deserve our support and care, your support guarantees your firms involvement in the VPCa team.

2022 Sponsorship Opportunities

MCAS Miramar Air Show

September 23-25, 2022 – MCAS Miramar San Diego

Make Blue the New Pink Gala

November 11 – USS Intrepid, New York City

50 Vets in 50 States Program

 A Direct Voice for Veterans by Veterans

‘What’s Your Number?’

Video Content Series Sponsorship

MCAS Miramar Air Show

MCAS Miramar Airshow, hosted in San Diego, CA is back for 2022 and expected to draw over 1 million spectators over the 3-day event, hosted September 23-25, 2022.

VPCa is proud to present an opportunity for sponsor to engage with Veteran men and their families with an integrated marketing event. During the Air Show, VPCa will host an elegant chalet experience, providing food, beverage, reserved shaded seating, exclusive access & endless hospitality. Sponsors will have the chance to see all the action, front and center.

Come view the world famous MCAS Miramar Air Show in comfort and style in a Corporate Chalet. MCAS Miramar is the host of the nation’s largest military air show and we have the perfect spot for your company to view the spectacular aeronautical feats. The VPCa corporate chalet offer an exclusive front row viewing experience, shaded patio seating, catered food, complimentary beer and wine, and more.

In addition to a branded chalet experience, sponsor will have a prominent placement on the flightline in conjunction with VPCa, which will allow for branding and experiential opportunities with the Air Show attendees.

VPCa will be onsite, conducting prostate cancer screening tests, advocation, education and support. Our 40’ branded RV will be prominently placed and will provide a chance for sponsor branding as well.

Demographic Reach: General public, Veterans, active-duty military, government & military officials, media, sponsors


Make Blue the New Pink Gala

Following upon the success of our San Diego Gala aboard the USS Midway, we are excited to share details on our New York City Gala – hosted on Veterans Day, November 11, 2022.

This year’s theme, “Make Blue the New Pink” was designed to bring attention to the reality that prostate cancer diagnoses are increasing and nearing the number of breast cancer diagnoses. Just as pink ribbon awareness is synonymous with breast cancer, we hope to increase blue-ribbon awareness for prostate cancer as a similar symbol.

The motivational and uplifting tone of this event will include Veteran prostate cancer survivors, medical industry influencers & surprise guests & entertainment.

LIVE streaming event & media partnership opportunities added to our November Gala.

Estimated Attendance: 400
Social/Digital Reach: 5.2 million
Media Reach: 3.5 million

Demographic Reach: Medical industry experts, Veteran prostate cancer survivors and patients, medical experts, VA Administration, Military & Government officials, celebrities, media

50 Vets in 50 States

“50 Vets in 50 States” is a monthly gathering with our nationwide Veteran advocacy group, along with select medical industry specialists, VA Administration representatives, to review topics that affect Veterans with prostate cancer and all related topics. VPCa is the only advocacy organization solely focused on delivering educational materials and conducting awareness activities to the Veteran and Active-Duty military populations.

Annual Meeting Attendance: 1200
Media Reach: 2.0 million
Social Impressions: 10.5 million annually
Number of VA Medical Centers: 170 VA Medical Centers and 1,063 outpatient sites of care of varying complexity (VHA outpatient clinics)

Demographic Reach: Veterans, active-duty military, 50 Vets in 50 States Volunteer Advocates, prostate cancer patients and survivors, VA medical administration, medical experts, VPCa medical advisory committee, health & wellness industry.

What's Your Number?

Nationwide ad campaign to promote and encourage early PSA testing, educate on baselines. Include nationwide inclusion within digital PSA campaign, nationwide experiential campaign to include up to 10 markets, interactive social media campaign, opportunity to present sponsor focused video content/comments/materials. Integration with all partnered campaign activations, (ie, sports teams, celebrity). Q3 & Q4 2022.

Professional video team will produce 4 segments (TVC, Digital and Social Media versions) that will be an impactful call to action with the key messaging to be: “What’s Your Number?” The focus of messaging is to communicate the need to screen early (35 years old for baseline, 40 years old for annual screen), and to know what their PSA # is.

  • Through a series of anticipated viral videos, we will have actors act out everyday scenes that have a female lead in all the segments, in various scenes to ask men “What’s Your Number” – such as
  • Her in a bar, with guy thinking she is asking for phone number
  • Her on sidelines of football game, him thinking she is asking about his jersey number
  • Her at a NASCAR race, the driver thinking she is asking about the car number
  • Her at a gym, he thinking she is asking for how much weight he is lifting …only to find out she is asking about his PSA number!
  • The tagline is applicable to different life situations that men can relate to. This makes a great umbrella theme for creative, yet consistent, execution of the message, and will resonate to various lifestyle segments.
  • “What’s Your Number?” is a common question that people ask in social situations. Associating this question to PSA will provide a ‘natural’ and constant reminder to men about the need for prostate cancer screening.

Demographic Reach: General population (National), Veterans, active-duty military, men with high-risk categorization, partners of men who are at high-risk, Veteran Administration Medical Center patients.

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