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What We've Done

While our mission is ongoing, we are also proud of what we’ve achieved so far.

The Journey of the VPCa

Veteran’s Prostate Cancer is making an impact since founded in 2016, and we are continuing the journey to save lives of Veteran’s with early detection and treatment options. Alongside dedicated partners, we committed to make blue the new pink, and raise awareness.

December 2016

Veterans Prostate Cancer Awareness Inc. was formed to:

Promote prostate cancer awareness among Veterans & active-duty military members;
Educate Veterans on proper care & treatment alternatives for prostate cancer;
Promote the adoption of the latest technologies available for the treatment and cure of prostate cancer.

2017 & 2018

PSA Screening

Provided briefings & PSA screening at various medical centers across the county


Initiated a joint Veterans Prostate Cancer Working Group with Prostate Cancer Foundation, and Zero –The End of Prostate Cancer.

Participated in drafting of Legislation requiring VHA to standardize screening & treatment of prostate cancer in the VHASystem.  Legislation first introduced in 2020 & again in 2021 as H.R. 4880 & S.2720 “Veterans Prostate Cancer Treatment and Research Act”

2018 & 2019

VFW Screenings

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) national conventions providing PSA screening services


Joined the Toxic Exposures in the American Military “TEAM” collation. Support outreach and education efforts related military members exposure to toxic substances

2020 & 2021

Break Out Session

Lead the Veterans “Break Out Session” at Zero –The End of Prostate Cancer Annual Summit

May 2021

VPCa launched New website (

Developed an email database which is growing daily. Currently over 7,500 members

VPCa launched a new LinkedIn platform and is now regularly visited by over 200 visitors a day

August 2021

Partnered with TopGun Fighter Foundation Inc. to raise awareness prostate cancer and suicide in the Veteran population

CDR Mike “Bing” Crosby Founder & CEO Presented “From Diagnosis To Treatment To Advocacy: One man’s journey” Online event hosted by BlueEarth Diagnostics

September 2021

Participated and co-sponsored the Inaugural Human Baton event “Tribute to First Responders”

Launched software called “Prostate Cancer Health Storylines” to assist patients/physicians with the prostate cancer journey

October 2021

Selected to Participate in clinical study titled “Identifying Environmental Gene-Expression Signatures in Aviator-Associated Prostate Cancer” with Dr. Jeff Jones.

We are recruiting 1,000 former military aviators with prostate cancer for research into causal factors for exposure to hazardousmaterials & radiation sources

December 2021

More victories are on the way!  Stay tuned!