About Us.

Who We Are

VPCa’s is committed to support research, advocacy and education to fight prostate cancer for Veterans.

VPCa is dedicated to saving lives.


As a registered non-profit organization, VPCa promotes prostate cancer awareness, early detection, and providing solutions among Veterans, active-duty military, and all men. 


Promote prostate cancer awareness among active-duty military members and veterans.

Educate the Veteran and active military populations on their higher risk of developing the disease,  the need to screen earlier than the general population, and available treatment options for all stages of Prostate Cancer.

Promote the latest technologies available for the treatment and cure of prostate cancer by Veteran Healthcare Administration providers.

How VPCa Was Created


Veterans Prostate Cancer Awareness (VPCa) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization formed in December 2016. The organization was formed from the Founder & CEO, Mike ‘Bing’ Crosby’s personal experience and journey with prostate cancer and the Phoenix VA Hospital in 2014 and 2015. VPCa is expanding its outreach activities and is focused on a campaign to provide prostate cancer resources to the Veteran Population. 

Outreach Efforts of VPCa

Promote early detection by emphasizing the importance of risk stratified screening in the Veteran population.

Equip Veterans with tools and resources to make informed healthcare decisions when faced with a Prostate Cancer diagnosis.

Improve access to specialty care services through the Veteras Health Administration Community Care Network.

Ensure Veterans have access to the most advanced Prostate Cancer treatment options available today.

The Goals of VPCa

Promote prostate cancer awareness & early detection among Veterans & Active Duty Military members.

Educate Veterans on proper care and available treatment options when faced with a prostate cancer diagnosis.

Improve Veteran access to specialty and oncology healthcare services and therapies through the Veterans Choice Program, and VA’s Community Care Network.

Become a resource for Veterans, not only for prostate health but other Men’s Health conditions and empower Vets to become their own health advocates.

Collaboration is the Key

Committed to increase awareness and utilization of existing research, funding and organizations to enhance the success of testing and treatments.

Bringing together the best and brightest within the medical industry to develop better clinical trial access and participation. Elevating research coordination & collaboration.

3.1M men in US with prostate cancer

1 in 5 veterans develop prostate cancer

Know your PSA #

Early diagnosis saves lives

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